Interior design experts emphasize the importance of creating a home office setup that feels comfortable and personalized to you. « Ensure it’s a comfortable environment that you genuinely enjoy being in, so it doesn’t feel like work even when you’re there, » advises Adams. Adding items of personal significance, such as family photos, can enhance the ambiance, notes Johnson.

  • Moreover, designers emphasize the importance of lighting in increasing productivity and enhancing functionality.
  • If your home office was once a guest bedroom and will return to being a guest bedroom someday, you need to be strategic about your organizational choices.
  • “If your space is small, you need to simplify and only keep the essentials around you—too much clutter can be overwhelming and distracting,” she says.
  • The wallspace in front of, or behind, your desk is valuable real estate!
  • File tax information and receipts together, while medical documents/records and school documents for your kids get their own folders.

You can buy a roll of cork and DIY a whole wall, or you can get one sheet of cork and temporarily secure it. But you can conquer the chaos if you have a plan, a few hours, and some helpful home office tips items to corral your stuff. Splurge on a luxurious candle, like this delicate, matcha-scented one from Maison Margiela Fragrances to infuse your work area with a pleasant aroma.

What Are Some Of The Things I Should Buy For My Home Office Setup?

Use any bins, baskets, and dividers you already have before spending on new ones. But if you do need to buy something, be sure to measure it, the things you plan to stow inside it, and the area you’re organizing, to make sure everything will fit. Video conferencing is inevitable, but gone are the days of poorly lit, unflattering calls. Lume Cube’s video conference lighting kit comes with a light smaller than your phone, but it packs a serious punch. Your small office desk might not have space for a full picture frame, but this small dual frame holds two Instax prints, so you have just enough space for a portrait of your SO and fur baby. Manage multiple cords with cable sleeves, which corral numerous wires into one bundle that you attach to the underside of a desk.

As mentioned earlier, home office organization can lead to increased work productivity and efficiency. Having a neat and organized area to work in can help free your mind and improve your focus. And since you know where everything is, you’ll be able to work faster and more effectively. We can’t say enough about reclaiming vertical space – especially in the form of practical shelving ideas. If you’re worried about drilling into the wall when your home office might not be a permanent fixture in the house, don’t be. This compact design mounts onto the wall and is big enough to comfortably store your laptop, notebooks, pens, calendar, and any other work-related essentials.

Add wow-factor to your waste bin

Plus, the added bonus of beverages on tap means that you can stay hydrated – essential for remaining productive. The wallspace in front of, or behind, your desk is valuable real estate! If you haven’t already gone vertical you’ll be amazed by the sheer amount of stuff you can store and organize on the wall.

Use a dollar store coupon file to sort receipts by month for organized budgeting and easy access in case you need to make a return. Buy a second file and organize product manuals with each divider corresponding to a different room in the home and the products in that room. If you don’t have enough electric outlets in your workspace, you might want to consider adding some. The investment is worth it, and your work area will look generally better without all the wrapping cables and cords all over the place. Charging stations are also another excellent solution for getting rid of the power cord clutter.